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The feeling of yarn running through my fingers is like no other, there is no denying it – I simply love knitting - it fills my soul with joy and the winding path it has led me on has changed my life. My passion for knitting has grown with each stitch, and I love that I am always learning about new things through my love for this craft.

While I love to knit at every given opportunity one of the things I have grown to love more than the act of knitting itself is being able to share my passion for knitting with others.

Creating beautiful, wearable designs that are both a joy to knit and a chance to learn new skills is what really makes my heart sing.

You can find all my knitting patterns here. I pride myself on writing clear, easy to follow patterns and have created lots of resources to help you enjoy the knitting process and create beautiful finished items that you will love wearing for years to come.

Need to find the perfect cast on method, tired of wrangling too many needle points and want to learn to cable without a cable needle, not sure how to tell your k2tog from your ssk – I’ve got you covered.

All my knitting tutorials can be found on here.


I’m Clare

Welcome to Knit Share Love - I am so glad our fibre paths have crossed…

I discovered my passion for knitting as I wandered along the trails of the Bibbulmun track in Western Australia back in 2011.

Since then wherever I’ve wandered so has my yarn and a pair of pointy sticks, with the gentle sound of clicking needles filling my days.

My wandering spirit is strong but for now I call Brisbane, Australia my home and share my love of knitting with you in this space - my online home, Knit Share Love.