Colourful Shapes Club Tutorials


This page features a list of useful tutorials for each pattern. Some had been created by me and others are excellent tutorials created by other designers.


January - Half Pi in a Crescent Moon

Casting on

1) Magic Garter Tab Cast-on tutorial by Tikki Knits

2) Garter Tab Cast-on tutorial by Tin Can Knits

Knitting your shawl

1) German Short Rows tutorial by me / Knit Share Learn

2) Creating yarn overs tutorial by Purl Soho. For this pattern you only need to yarn over between two knit stitches.

3) Knit two together (k2tog) tutorial by Purl Soho.

Finishing your shawl

1) Weaving in ends tutorial by Purl Soho. For this shawl I used the “Weaving in ends with duplicate stitch on the WS”.

2) To really get the best out of your knitted shawl I would highly recommend blocking. I wrote two posts about blocking shawls that you might find helpful. They can be found here and here.

3) Another really handy post on blocking shawls has been written by Libby from Truly Myrtle and can be found here.