Tutorials for Oriental Beauty Hat


Did you know that I have a series of tutorials to accompany my patterns?

I love incorporating useful techniques in my designs and helping knitters elevate their knitting with helpful hints and tips brings me so much joy. One of my favourite things is teaching knitting workshops and because I can’t always be teaching in person I have decided to start developing my online tutorial library.

#knitsharelearn is a series of clear, helpful video tutorials covering a range of techniques including unusual cast-on and bind-off techniques, special stitches and hints and tips to get the most out of KnitShareLove patterns.

I thought it would be helpful to look at my latest design and the tutorials available to help you get the most out of this design.

Oriental Beauty_by Clare Devine_800px3.JPG

This is Oriental Beauty – my latest hat design and part of a collaboration with Jess from Ginger Twist Studio.

It is easy to knit and worked inside out to minimise purling (if you are anything like me this will be music to your ears – I always prefer to knit rather than purl).

Casting on

One of my favourite cast-on methods for hats is the German Twisted cast-on. This variation on the Long Tail cast-on has an extra twist that gives it a little bit more stretch. The beauty of this cast on is that the cast-on edge still has structure even with the added stretch, just what is needed to a hat brim – the perfect balance between stretch and structure.

Nifty decreases ...

As the hat is worked inside out the centred double decreases that pull those gorgeous columns of ribbing in are worked a little differently. The technique is not difficult but you need to ‘shimmy’ those stitches around a little so that the centred double decrease looks beautiful when you turn the hat inside out after it has been knitted. What better way to explain which stitch goes where than a video tutorial?

Both of these tutorials and many more can be found on my YouTube channel. If you like what you see you can subscribe to keep up to date with my latest tutorial additions.

You can also view all my tutorials on the website – including handy ‘bundles’ for specific patterns. View all my tutorials HERE.