Book Review | BREEZE by Making Stories


Curling up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea and a great knitting book and a new knitting project may well be one of my favourite past-times. So when the team at Making Stories got in touch with me about joining their knit-along team for the release of BREEZE, I jumped at the chance. 

Disclaimer: the book I am reviewing here was gifted to me by Making Stories, all thoughts are my own ...

All images used in this post are copyright Making Stories | 2018 and have been used with permission.

BREEZE by Making Stories

From the moment I picked up this book I was in love - I like my knitting books to give me a tactile experience. Just as my hands love the feeling of great yarn they relish the chance to carefully turn pages printed on beautiful paper. From the luxuriously matt cover, through to the very last pattern page this book delights the senses. 

Breeze is a collection of warmer weather inspired knits from designers around the world. With the Making Stories focus on "sustainability, naturalness and transparency" each design is worked in a natural European yarn and there is plenty of information about the yarn producers, designers and team who worked on this project. In a world where I often find it difficult to get the information I want on sourcing and supply chains this is a breath of fresh air.

The Designs

There are eleven designs in the book including eight garments and three accessories. The mix of styles has all your warmer weather knitting needs covered including a couple of cosy sweaters perfect for cool northern summers or mild southern winters (like mine). 

I really love how the team have pulled together designs that work harmoniously together but also offer a wide variety of weights, styles and knitting techniques. It is a collection that I could see myself knitting a number of pieces from over the years. 

In keeping with the Making Stories style the designs are minimal and unfussy but they also have well thought out details and design elements that elevate the finished garment - making it a piece you will want to keep wearing for years to come. 


The Yarns

Each yarn used in the collection has been thoughtfully selected and adheres to the ethical making practices that are the cornerstone of the business Hanna-Lisa and Verena (the founders of Making Stories) set out to build. 

What I love most about the selection of yarns used in this collection is the variety! I have long been a supporter of exploring different blends and championing naturally processed yarns. I also have a deep love and respect for small scale producers and the talented hand dyers who add colour to our knitting lives. This book really is a testament to the wonderful souls creating yarn to inspire our making. 

Exploring the mix of hand-dyed and commercially dyed yarns in this book is an adventure in itself ... Each yarn producer has been interviewed about their creative process and I have really enjoyed delving into their world through the pages of this book. One of my favourite pieces is by Ruta from Lino Muta, I have a soft spot for linen so learning more about how they produce their linen was a real treat. 

Book Layout 

This book is a visual feast but it also delivers on the technical aspects. The first part of the book features page after page of amazing photos that are both visually stunning but also show off all those "knitty details" in these fabulous designs. Peppered between the sumptuous pictures are interviews and thoughtful pieces of writing. I especially love the glimpses behind the scenes of the photoshoot - what a lovely snapshot of the book making process. 

The patterns are together at the end of the book and are really clearly laid out with plenty of white space! I am a huge fan of white space in knitting patterns - while I know that keeping the page count down is important to those creating a printed product I also think giving the instructions "space to breath" makes the knitting experience more relaxing and rewarding. The schematics and charts are clear and easy to read too.

Some of my Favourite Designs

It is hard to pick just a few to showcase here as there are so many fabulous pieces in this collection but there are a few designs that keep calling me back. 

Solano by Stella Egidi (top right and left) - this one really caught my eye! Something about the styling piqued my interest and when I saw the back I was sold - instantly. I am currently knitting a version of this sweater in the most amazing grey-blue yarn from Sherwood Yarns for the BREEZE Making Stories Knit-along. I can also see me making a summer version in Linen like the yellow version shown of the right. 

Marin by Rebekka Mauser (bottom left) - I love how the simple textured stitch allows the silk and linen blend to shine. This beautifully simple top is finished with a two-colour i-cord. Its that attention to detail and little pop of colour that I really love in this garment. 

Joran by Rachel Brockman (bottom right - blue vest) and Norte by Imke von Nathusius (bottokm right - grey cardi). That grey cardi is a stunner. It was a hard choice between the Norte and the Solano for the KAL. I picked Solano as the shape is something different for my wardrobe but really the grey cardi stole my heart the moment I saw it. 

The splash of blue underneath is an understated linen tank - perfect for summer.


Final Thoughts

This timeless collection of designs has been beautifully curated and the book is inspiring and enticing - I would highly recommend it as an addition to your bookshelf. 

You can find out more about the Making Stories books on their website and follow them on

If you are planning to knit one of these pieces and want some company there is a friendly knit-a-long happening in the Making Stories group over on Ravelry. 

You will find me there knitting on my Solano sweater - I just joined the body in the round and am looking forward to curling up on the couch this weekend with a good podcast, my tea and some knitting. 

Until next time .... happy knitting,